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Links for Students
•Periodic Table: Webelements Start WebElements - A basic source for all the information you could want on elements.
•Dave's Molar Mass and Percent by Mass Calculator - A useful tool for calculating molar masses and percent composition by mass.
•An Introduction to Basic Organic Nomenclature - A good guide to organic nomenclature.
•Softshell - Maker of ChemWeb, a good structure diagram creator.
•Advanced Chemistry Development - Maker of ChemSketch, with a freeware version available
•Chemical Education - Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, a rather good source of information.
•Wilton High School Chemistry tutorial links - a categorized table of links to good information.
•Christopher Mulliss's page - research showing that there is a better significant figures rules than the one that is commonly taught.
•ChemTeam - A Tutorial for High School Chemistry
•NIST Webbook - National Institute of Standards and Technology searchable listing of chemical compounds.
Links for Educators
•Chem Info Net - A good resource for chemical health and safety.
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