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Purpose Of This Site:
Erik's Chemistry is a collection of Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry notes, available for people to read through, review and learn with. New sections will be added as I finish making them. Although the notes say, "AP chemistry", The information is useful for first year chemistry students in high school, and general chemistry students at the college-level.

Site History:
I began working on Erik's Chemistry in June of 1998, after completing the AP chemistry course at my high school. Since then I have also added some notes from my Organic Chemistry class that I have taken. There are fewer Organic Chemistry notes because AP Chemistry notes had a 3-month head start and it is harder to organize notes about material you are just learning. Right now the notes are being added as time allows.

The Webmaster:
I am not a chemistry teacher, just a student who enjoys chemistry, and runs this web site in his spare time. Right now I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Chicago. I can be contacted at my e-mail address: eeppATmyself.com . DO NOT send me requests to do your work for you.

The Notes:
The AP chemistry notes are largely information given to me as notes, lectures and handouts from my AP chemistry teacher, Mr. VonEhr. The rest of the notes are organized versions of the notes I take down in class.

Books Referred To:
Some of my AP chemistry notes refer to page numbers, these are from the textbook I used, Chemistry, by Zumdahl. The pages referred to in the Organic Chemistry Notes are from Solomons, T W Graham. Organic Chemistry, Sixth Edition. John Wiley &Sons, Inc.; New York, NY; 1997. The Physical Chemistry Notes are from either The Elements of Physical Chemistry, 2nd ed., Atkin or Inorganic Chemistry, 2nd ed. Miessler and Tarr.

Chemical Structures:
The structures in the notes were made using ChemWeb, a basic version of SoftShell's ChemWindows suite. It can be found at http://www.softshell.com.

3-D Images:
The 3-D models on the Chemistry Images page and the Expanded Octets pages were made using Rhino 3D. It can be found at http://www.Rhino3d.com. I have been using the beta-version to create the images you see there.
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