Metric Prefixes

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1yottameter(Ym)=1x1024 myot-a
1zettameter(Zm)=1x1021 mzet-a
1exameter(Em)=1x1018 mex-a
1petameter(Pm)=1x1015 mpet-a
1terameter(Tm)=1x1012 mter-a
1gigameter(Gm)=1x109 mjig-a
1megameter(Mm)=1x106 mmeg-a
1kilometer(km)=1x103 mkil-oe
1hectometer(hm)=1x102 m
1dekameter(dam)=1x101 m
1meter(Pm)=1 m
1x101decimeter(dm)=1 m
1x102centimeter(cm)=1 mcen-ti
1x103millimeter(mm)=1 mmil-li
1x106micrometer(um)=1 mmy-crow
1x109nanometer(nm)=1 mnan-oe
1x1012picometer(pm)=1 mpee-koe
1x1015femtometer(fm)=1 mfem-toe
1x1018attometer(am)=1 mat-toe
1x1021zeptometer(zm)=1 mzep-toe
1x1024yoctometer(ym)=1 myoc-toe

Note: The underlined portion may be replaced by other basic metric units, such as the liter(L) or gram (g).

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