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11/30/98 I have been busy working on my college applications. I have not had time to work on the site at all. This will probably be the last update until mid-December.
Sorry - Erik
11/17/98 Section Update! IUPAC Common Names Still In Use now has some alkene and alkyne common names added.

Section Complete! Expanded Octets is now complete! Expanded Octets is located under Chemical Bonding on the left. It contains a listing of the various types of expanded octets and their shapes. The section is incomplete because I was unable to find the bond angles for the distorted tetrahedron. If anyone knows of these bond angles, please send them to me at

11/10/98 1000 Hits! Next stop 2000...

New Section! Element Bond Table is a listing of a representative set of elements and the way they bond at different charges. This new section can be found under Chemical Bonding in Organic Chemistry on the right.

Section Complete! Chapter 8: Chemical Bonding is now complete! I have more notes on chemical bonding, but those will be added as Part II. The first part deals with the energy and diagrams. The second half will deal with molecular geometry and polarity. I am also working on the table of expanded octets.

I've recently found out about a good reference for chemistry students. ChemTeam - A Tutorial for High School Chemistry. This site has many good worksheets on various subjects in chemistry.

Enjoy! Erik
11/04/98 Whoops! I have just found out that for all this time I have had a section called Chemical Reactions: Predition of Products. The mistake has been corrected.

Updated Section! Significant Digit Rules has been amended. Christopher Mulliss of the University of Toledo has given me some new information about the division and multiplication rules of r significant figures. His new rules have been added. To find out more about his research visit his site at

New Section! Chapter 8: Chemical Bonding is now being worked on. The incomplete version is available by clicking on the link above.

New Section! Bond Angle Table is a listing of the basic types bond angles and the names of the shapes. It can be found under chemical bonding section on either AP Chemistry or Organic Chemistry. A listing of expanded octets is in the queue after Chapter 8: Chemical Bonding is done.

:-) Erik
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