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12/19/98 5:30 p.m. EST
Happy Holidays!

A few more changes... I have also added statistical counters to the pages. This way I will be able to see what sections are most visited and add more information in that area.

12/16/98 10:00 p.m. EST
Finished! With college applications out of the way and only a few days of school left, I am almost free! At least until school starts next year.

2000 hits! While I was off working on my applications the site broke 2000 hits. Hurray!

The Little Things. Although it may not seem like anything is changing, I am adding <META> tags to all the pages to make them more easily searchable with search engines like HotBot and MetaCrawler. With these tags, it will be easier to find which page has specific information you seek.

New Look! I've changed the setup of the news, putting the date and time above each update so that the news doesn't seem so squished.

Fun Organic Chemistry quote of the day:
"I never knew you could drown in information until they pulled the bodies from the fountain of Organic Chemistry Knowledge."

12/2/98 Quick Update! Expanded Octets is now complete! John Park at ChemTeam gave me the information about the distorted tetrahedron, or more correctly the disphenoidal shape. With the new image the page is complete.
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